OceanCanada Virtual Conference

Online across Canada | Dates TBA

OceanCanada Virtual Conference 2023

The final OceanCanada Conference will bring together the great minds that have contributed to our project since 2014 as well as other scientists, coastal community members, and policy makers to collaborate, discuss, and find new opportunities.

Our forthcoming book, titled “Canada‚Äôs Oceans: Pathways to Sustainability in a Sea of Change”, will be the focal point of the conference. This book represents a colossal effort from nearly sixty incredible scientists across Canada.



Breakdown of every chapter into concise, condensed format and “so what?” policy statements.

List of Speakers

List of speakers that will be in attendance. List is subject to change at any time.

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Submit a question to be asked live during the conference. You can submit by topic, researcher, book chapter, etc.


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